Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Painting "The Assignment" - Completed June 1 2012

Earlier this year I started a painting in which progressions were posted in my last blog post. Through twists and turns in the painting process, The final image turned into something perhaps even more dramatic and impactful, and the finished product will fill the intended sanctuary space even better than the original direction of my painting. 

The Assignment" is about a moment... the point where the angel, going in one direction, suddenly pivots as he changes direction to tend to the command God has given him. He is a warrior and a protector.

I will post more on the painting Process of this work in the coming weeks.

The Assignment 72" X 94" - ©2012 Randall M. Hasson

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  1. Amazing Randy...Love this, as I do all your beautiful work(s)