Monday, February 20, 2012

The beginnings of a trial version

Each time I do a painting, I usually have a strip of canvas where I can do trials of lettering. Most of the time with imagery I don't do a "real" comp but rather I just sketch and paint directly. In this case I  have that canvas strip, but I decided that I will do another complete painting that will act as a comp and where I can experiment, a  "small" canvas about half the size of the project. Here I have the 4' X 6' canvas laid on the floor on a tarp and am working out some painting techniques using a 10" drywall blade.

These strokes done in gold, white and  pale sienna will be repeated in layers and glazes over quite a few days with lettering and other imagery in between and there will be color washes throughout. They are abstracted to convey the feeling of movement. Later there will be various shades of gold powders mixed and applied in glazes as well. The final result should have the feelings of movement, fire, power, majesty, etc. The image of the angel will then be painted over this ground.

There is not much to decipher of this wrinkly canvas at this stage.  Because the canvas isn't on a frame or stretcher bars, it will go through various stages of buckling as the paint dries unevenly. It will eventually become flat again as the whole surface is covered. This is all part of the process... I am not looking at what is on the canvas today, I am looking at what will be there in 2 weeks. The most important aspect now is to establish that feeling of movement and power.


  1. Thank you so much for the update. I am "feeling" the movement and the POWER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hope you post the various steps as this grows. Having a vision of a final 'look' is such a talent! You know just what you want. I can see some of the possibilities so look forward to seeing the steps of growth! 10" drywall blade! We get our tools from so many unexpected places, don't we? NOTHING is out of bounds. Go for it, Randy!